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FuturePlus SystemsOct 17, 2017 3:03:51 PM< 1 min read

NEW DisplayPort 8K monitors. Let’s look under the hood!

The latest DisplayPort V1.4 HBR3 8K monitors are trickling onto the market with DELL being the first to show off its latest UltraSharp 32 model.  FuturePlus took a look under the hood by snooping all of the traffic on the 8.1Gb/s high speed main link and the Aux Port.  The DELL monitor performed as advertised training at HBR3 speeds and correctly sending frame data at that speed.


Aux-at-8G-768x621-1 Figure 1: The Aux Channel on DisplayPort 1.4 setting up an HBR3 8.1Gbps


The MSA (Main Stream Attribute Packet) shows the screen dimensions and coloremitry.


MSA-on-8G-768x665-1 Figure 2: The MSA packet on a HBR3 link as transmitted by the UltraSharp 32 Dell Monitor


And now for the pixels!  The large trace buffer of the FS4500 DisplayPort Protocol Analyzer is needed to store the large 8K frames.


pixels-8k-768x534-1 Figure 3: Pixels being transmitted at HBR3 speeds and captured by the FuturePlus Systems FS4500 DisplayPort Protocol Analyzer


All in all the DELL monitor looked good!  Got a DisplayPort project that could use an analysis tool?  Check out our datasheet!  Want a demo?  Contact us.