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LPDDR5 Detective

  • SET-UP


  • Provides logic analyzer like deep transaction Listing and Waveform capture
  • Can store up to 512M of captured States at up to 6400+ MT/s
  • Continuous, real time analysis, not post-processing
  • 2D (voltage & time) Eye Detector guarantees valid data acquisition on each signal
  • Extensive Triggering and Storage Qualification allows precise insight
  • Industry Leading Protocol Violation Detector provides hundreds of simultaneous, real time tests to JEDEC specifications, NOT post processing.  No other tool can provide this!
  • Mode Register Listing provided
  • Supports Auto-Clock rate detect and clock stoppage support
  • Connects to the target under test with Flying Lead, BGA interposers or a midbus probe
  • Integrated Microsoft Charts gives quick insight into large trace captures
  • Trigger In & Out allows the Detective to integrate with other test tools
  • Multi-Bank mode support included

LPDDR5 Detective Filtered Waveform
LPDDR5 Detective FIltered State Listing

LPDDR5 Detective Filtered Waveform
LPDDR5 Detective Filtered Waveform

LPDDR5 Detective Set-up

  • Easy Setup Guide steps the user through the process
  • DDR Detective automated setup calibrates to your target and bus speed in minutes. This allows for use in marginal systems
  • Three frequency set points are supported
  • Final MRS values are automatically loaded into the protocol analysis tools.

DDR3 Detective Configuration"
LPDDR5 Detective Configuration

DDR3 Detective Eye Detector results
LPDDR5 Detective Eye Detector

DDR3 Detective MRS Listing
LPDDR5 Detective MRS Listing

LPDDR5 Detective Triggering and Store Qualification

Triggering Features

  • Full control of Trigger Position from 5% – 95% Post store.
  • Adjustable trace depth from 5K to 512M States
  • No need to define 4 states for a Command trigger, the Detective has them pre-defined.
  • External Trigger In and Out
  • Allows for any command to any address to be triggered on

Store Qualification Benefits

  • Use any transaction with address as a store qualifier
  • Store only certain commands or just violations
  • Store only Accesses to a certain bank group/bank/rank

LPDDR5 Trigger
LPDDR5 Trigger


LPDDR5 Storage Qual
LPDDR5 Storage Qual

LPDDR5 Detective Protocol Violations

  • Covers over 50 tests on all banks and ranks running over 1000 checks continuously and simultaneously. You never miss a clock cycle.
  • Automatically calculates protocol parameters based on JEDEC specifications and loads into the protocol checking function.
  • Allows user to override and enter other parameter values
  • Scoreboard display gives quick indication of what test is failing and displays running totals
  • Ability to enable and disable each compliance test

LPDDR5 Violations
LPDDR5 Violations

LPDDR5 Violation Scoreboard
LPDDR5 Violation Scoreboard

LPDDR5 Detective Performance Counters

Use real time counters to track multiple performance metrics:

  • Command and Data Bus utilization
  • Power management


LP5 Performance Counters
LPDDR5 Detective Performance Counters

LPDDR5 Detective Probing

  • BGA Interposer – various package formats for LPDDR5 – Contact us
  • Flying Lead – High speed coax wire solderable to pcb features
  • Mid-bus Connector-less probing – Industry standard “Soft-Touch Pro” compatible

BGA Interposer:

  • Keysight Scope Interposers can be used with Flying lead cable
  • Contact us on package requirements

Flying Lead cable:

  • Quick and easy connection to Keysight Scope Chip Interposers
  • Can also be soldered to pcb features
  • 38 AWG wire

Mid-Bus Probe:

  • Single, dual and 3-head configuration available
  • Midbus probing is ideal for embedded applications where no DIMM or SODIMM slot is present
  • Connector-less midbus footprint can remain as part of the design throughout product life for service

2 Head Mid-Bus cable FS2826
2 Head Mid-Bus cable FS2826

LPDDR5 Detective Flying Lead FS2827 w_ scope BGA
LPDDR5 Detective Flying Lead FS2827 w_ scope BGA

LPDDR5 Detective Ordering Information

  • FS2800A DDR3/DDR4 Trace DDR Detective
  • FS2870 Add LPDDR5 functionality to the FS2800A
  • FS2871 LPDDR5 Trace/Triggering and Basic Performance Counters

Probing Options

  • FS2826 Midbus single head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800A
  • FS2828 Midbus two head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800A
  • FS2829 Midbus three head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800A
  • FS2827 Flying Lead for use with Keysight scope interposers and FS2800A
LPDDR5 Detective