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FS4500 DisplayPort 2.1 Protocol Analysis Probe

The FuturePlus FS4500 DisplayPort Analysis Probe provides a mechanical, electrical and software interface to the DisplayPort bus, a digital display interface standard supported by the Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA). The FS4500 is used to design and debug computer motherboards, monitors, home theater systems, and silicon chips incorporating DisplayPort technology.

With the FS4500 you can handle all of your DisplayPort versions with one tool.  No need for a DisplayPort (DP) reference sink or reference source.  The FS4500 works with any DisplayPort source and any sink.  The FS4500 is the only cost effective tool on the market to offer probing of the high speed Main link and the Aux Channel without the need for a DisplayPort Reference Source or Reference Sink.  Support for DisplayPort 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1 with options to add eDP 1.4b/1.5 and 8b/10b Display Stream Compression and Forward Error Correction.  Probing includes standard DP connector, USB Type C and eDP.

  • CheckDPspec™

DisplayPort FS4500 Features

  • Complete DisplayPort Main and Aux Link analysis in a single, standalone product
  • Powerful Protocol Decode software decodes and displays Main Link and Aux channel activity
  • Probe Manager software provides extensive Trigger and Filter capabilities, including cross-triggering between AUX and Main Link
  • Decodes and time correlates Aux and Main Links
  • Different target connection cables available
  • Supports DisplayPort versions 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1
  • Options to add DSC/FEC and eDP 1.4b/1.5
  • Supports 1, 2 and 4 lane implementations in SST or MST.
  • Capable of data acquisition up to and including 13.5 Gbps/s
  • Trigger Out and In for use with other test tools
  • Probe Manager software controls and outputs the FS4500 activity via a USB 3.0 link
  • Quad state LED’s display instant lane by lane activity status.
  • Remote API software and NEW CheckDPspec Software available
  • Repainting captured frame software and audio play also available including the source code so that you can build your own custom post processing!


DisplayPort Protocol Analyzer
DisplayPort Protocol Analyzer

Probe Manager Scope
Probe Manager Scope

FS4500 Options
FS4500 Options

DisplayPort FS4500 Configuration

  • Supports SST and MST traffic
  • 16 GB Main Link trace buffer allows for multiple frame capture and pixel by pixel analysis
  • 10b mode helps debug Phy level problems
  • Supports 4 Virtual Channels is MST mode simultaneously!
  • Support for FEC/DSC is an option
  • Select your Speed and Probing
  • Select your Lane Width
  • ASSR is used in eDP

mst config

MST Configuration


sst config

SST Configuration

DisplayPort FS4500 Triggering and Filtering Qualification

Triggering Features

  • Trigger on any DP event, on any Virtual Channel, OR 8b symbols on any lane
  • Up to 1G states trace buffer (2G with FS4509 upgrade)
  • Aux Channel can Cross Trigger to Main Link to verify cause and effect

Filtering Qualification Benefits

  • Allows more efficient use of the trace buffer, capture several frames!
  • Let’s you remove events from the acquired trace
  • Store only events of interest

FS2700 Box
Two Level Protocol Aware Triggering

MST Hardware Filters
MST Hardware Filters

SST Hardware Filters
SST Hardware Filters

Post Processing Filter
Post Processing Filter

Aux Channel-1Aux Channel Triggering

DisplayPort FS4500: Remote Software Interface

  • Controls the FS4500 for Regression or Production Testing
  • Allows user to programmatically call the probe manager and pass various arguments
  • Load and run one or more sequential saved setup configurations
  • Provides the capability of running the FS4500 Probe Manager program from within a console application program and/or a command prompt window



GUI Main Form
GUI Main Form

Script Example
Script Example

DisplayPort FS4520 CheckDPspec™

  • Runs against the stored data from the FS4500 DisplayPort Protocol Analyzer
  • Analyzes the Main Link AND Aux traffic between ANY Source and Sink
  • Provides a framework for the user to write their own tests
  • Comes with 15 canned tests – test source code available on GitHub
  • Supports LBR, HBR, HBR2, HBR3, SST, MST, eDP, DSC/FEC
  • Quickly allows engineers to validate DisplayPort Source and Sinks running any software
  • Software that looks for DisplayPort Specification Violations on the High Speed Main Link and the Aux Channel
  • Requires the FS4500 to capture data
  • Modular in nature allowing customers to write their own tests.


CheckDPspec Main Link
CheckDPspec Main Link

State Listing
State Listing

Validation Errors Screen
Validation Errors Screen

DisplayPort FS4500 Pixel Renderer Software

  • Data Extractor designed to take stored pixel data from FS4500 saved data file and display a complete frame
  • Designed to work with DP 1.4A and eDP 1.4B only
  • Customize tests through protocols, lanes, pixel format and width
  • Allows user to quickly access state data, get the index of the trigger state, and get the number of states
  • Uses the pixels captured by the FS4500 to repaint the frame
  • Handles all Pixel formats, bits per component widths and DP revisions
  • Takes the acquired Audio packets and plays them
  • Software is available on Github here.


Pixel Renderer
Pixel Renderer

Audio Packet Software
Audio Packet Software

DisplayPort FS4520 Probing

Snooper Probing

  • Uses passive probing to acquire the signals
  • In cases of poor signal integrity bit errors are likely
  • Available for either Regular DP or USB TypeC

Repeater Probing

  • Active probing to acquire the signal
  • Operates transparently and allows the source and sink to negotiate the link
  • Recommended for HBR3

Probing Options:

  • FS1045 DP Regular Snooper
  • FS1046 DP Regular Repeater
  • FS1047 USB-C Snooper
  • FS1049 USB-C Repeater
  • FS1061 – DP 2.1 Repeater Probe for FS4525 – 13.5G – USB Type C
  • FS1064 – DP 2.1 Repeater Probe for FS4525 – 13.5G – DP Connector

eDP Probing Options:

  • FS1090 eDP 30 pin – Repeater for the FS4500
  • FS1091 eDP 40 pin – Repeater for the FS4500


Regular DP Snooper
Regular DP Snooper

Regular DP Snooper
USB Type C Repeater

40 pin eDP Repeater
40 pin eDP Repeater

DisplayPort FS4500: Ordering Information

  • FS4500 – DisplayPort v1.2a/v1.4 and eDP1.3 Protocol Analyzer
  • FS4504 – Add eDP 1.4b support FS4500
  • FS4506 – Add DSC and FEC support FS4500
  • FS4507 – FS4500 Remote Interface
  • FS4509 – FS4500 DP 1.4 Memory Upgrade 1G to 2G Trace
  • FS4520 – CheckDPspec™ Software
  • FS4525 – DP 2.1 Upgrade for FS4500 UHBR10 and UHBR13.5 Support
  • HBR3,HBR2 and HBR 1.62, 5.4 and 8.1Gb/s probing
    • FS1046 – 1-4 Lane DP HBR3 Cable Repeater
    • FS1045 – 1-4 Lane DP Snooper
    • FS1047 – 1-4 Lane DP USB TypeC Snooper
    • FS1049 – 1-4 Lane DP USBTypeCHBR3 Repeater
    • FS1061 – DP 2.1 Repeater Probe for FS4525 – 13.5G – USB Type C
    • FS1064 – DP 2.1 Repeater Probe for FS4525 – 13.5G – DP Connector
  • eDP Probing
    • FS1090 – eDP 30 pin Repeater for the FS4500
    • FS1091 – eDP40 pin Repeater for the FS4500