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FuturePlus Systems DDR4 FS2510 in slot

FS2354 and FS2355 DDR3 SO-DIMM Interposers for Use with Keysight Logic Analyzers

The FS2354 and FS2355 are logic analyzer probes used to test DDR3 SO-DIMM memory modules. When used with the triggering and analysis capabilities of Keysight’s Logic Analyzer modules, it gives the user an extremely effective tool for debugging, testing and verifying DDR3 SO-DIMM systems.

  • Interposer Design – The FS2354 and FS2355 DDR3 SO-DIMM probes do not sacrifice a memory slot, so you can probe any SO-DIMM, even in a fully populated memory bus.
  • Complete and accurate State analysis. View Screen Shot
  • Measure signal integrity of each bit on the DDR3 DIMM with Keysight EyeScan. View Screen Shot.
  • FS2354 is used with 64 bit DDR3 SO-DIMM systems.
  • FS2355 is used with 72 bit DDR3 (ECC) SO-DIMM systems and has built in cables for exclusive use with Keysight U4154A/B/64B logic analysis modules.
  • An economy version FS2374 that monitors only the Address, Command and Control signals in 64 bit systems is available
  • All signals are probed passively.
  • Flexible design fits into both RVS and STD connectors.

Note: FuturePlus has carefully simulated and designed this DDR3 SO-DIMM probe to work in your system and it extends the DDR3 bus less than 2.0 inches. Other factors can have a significant effect on the performance of the whole DDR3 bus analysis system including the BIOS settings of the memory controller, the target motherboard and DIMM design, and the specific SO-DIMM socket being probed. All users are given 30 days to qualify this DDR3 SO-DIMM probe in their system.


Both the FS2354 and the FS2355 include the FS1136 DDR3 Protocol Analysis Software that provides both configuration files for a wide range of Keysight logic analyzer modules operating in both 32 bit and 64 bit environments, as well as a license free copy of the FuturePlus DDR3 Protocol Decoder.

Logic Analyzer Requirements

DDR3 FS2354 Requirements