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FS1300 ONFi 5.1 3600MT/s Midbus Cable to the U4164A

The FuturePlus® FS1300 ONFi Cable provides a mechanical, electrical interface between an Keysight U4164A logic analyzer and a midbus Soft Touch Pro foot print configured with 2 ONFi channels.

  • Connects to the industry standard Soft Touch Pro midbus footprint
  • One STPro footprint can have two ONFi channels
  • Designed exclusively for use with Keysight U4164 logic analyzer modules, one in 1/2 channel Timing and one in Quad Sample State mode
  • State Mode capture requires option U4164A 02G
  • Performance up to 4000MT/s can be achieved!
  • Timing mode capture for ONFi commands and State mode capture for the DQ data bits
  • Lower Cost with direct attach cables, no need for the added expense of U4201 cables


B4661A 4FP/4TP/4NP : Keysight provides the Configuration files for both Timing and State modes of analysis and Protocol Decoder software that runs on the Keysight Logic Analyzer.

Onfi cable