LPDDR4 Detective


  • Provides logic analyzer like deep transaction Listing and Waveform capture
  • Can store up to 1G of captured States at up to 3200MT/s
  • Continuous, real time analysis, not post-processing
  • 2D (voltage & time) Eye Detector guarantees valid data acquisition on each signal
  • Extensive Triggering and Storage Qualification allows precise insight
  • Protocol Violation Detector provides hundreds of simultaneous, real time tests to JEDEC specifications
  • Mode Register Listing provided
  • Supports Auto-Clock rate detect and clock stoppage
  • Connects to the target under test with Flying Lead, BGA interposers or a midbus probe
  • Integrated Microsoft Charts gives quick insight into large trace captures
  • Trigger In & Out allows the Detective to integrate with other test tools
LPDDR4 Detective Set-up

  • Easy Setup Guide steps the user through the process
  • DDR Detective automated setup calibrates to your target and bus speed in 90 seconds. This allows for use in marginal systems
  • Several CK operating points are supported automatically
  • Final MRS values are automatically loaded into protocol analysis tools.
LPDDR4 Detective Triggering and Store Qualification

Triggering Features

  • Full control of Trigger Position from 5% – 95% Post store.
  • Adjustable trace depth from 5K to 512M States
  • No need to define 4 states for a Command trigger, the Detective has them pre-defined.
  • External Trigger In and Out
  • Bit specific trigger set up ability across all A/C/C Commands and bus signals or LPDDR4 protocol violations

Store Qualification Benefits

    • Use any transaction with address as a store qualifier
    • Store only certain commands or just violations
    • Store only Accesses to a certain bank group/bank/rank
LPDDR4 Detective Protocol Violations

      • Covers over 60 tests on all banks and ranks running over 1000 checks continuously and simultaneously. You never miss a clock cycle.
      • Automatically calculates protocol parameters based on JEDEC specifications and loads into the protocol checking function.
      • Allows user to override and enter other parameter values
      • Scoreboard display gives quick indication of what test is failing and displays running totals
      • Ability to enable and disable each compliance test
LPDDR4 Detective Performance Counters

Use real time counters to track multiple performance metrics:

        • Command and Data Bus utilization
        • Power management
LPDDR4 Detective Probing

All 4 technologies DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 in one box with interchangeable probing choices!

        • SODIMM Interposer – DDR4 and DDR3, also LPDDR4 on module
        • BGA Interposer – various package formats for DDR4, DDR3, LPDDR4 and LPDDR3 – Contact us
        • Flying Lead – High speed coax wire solderable to pcb features
        • Mid-bus Connector-less probing – Industry standard “Soft-Touch Pro” compatible

The DDR Detective® gives the phrase ‘cost effective’ new meaning!

LPDDR4 on DDR4 SODIMM Interposer:

        • JEDEC Compliant 260 pin
        • Operation up to 3200MT/s
        • Interposer design saves a slot
        • Rigid/flex design allows for use in both RVS and STD connectors.
        • All signals are probed passively
        • Electrically extends the bus approximately 2.0 inch
        • 72 bit operation supported
        • Simultaneous connection to Keysight Logic Analyzer available

BGA Interposer:

        • Quick and easy connection to most Keysight logic analyzer Chip Interposers
        • Scope Interposers can be used with Flying lead cable
        • Contact us on package requirements

Flying Lead cable:

        • Quick and easy connection to Keysight Scope Chip Interposers
        • Can also be soldered to pcb features
        • 38 AWG wire

Mid-Bus Probe:

        • Single, dual and 3-head configuration available
        • Midbus probing is ideal for embedded applications where no DIMM or SODIMM slot is present
        • Connector-less midbus footprint can remain as part of the design throughout product life for service
DDR4 Detective Ordering Information

        • FS2800 DDR3/DDR4 Trace DDR Detective
        • FS2805 Add LPDDR4 FS2804 functionality to the FS2800
        • FS2804 LPDDR4 Trace Detective

Probing Options

        • FS2424 DDR3 SO-DIMM A/C/C Interposer for DDR Detective (can support LPDDRx on SO-DIMM)
        • FS2421 DDR4 DIMM Satellite* Interposer for DDR Detective


        • FS2826 Midbus single head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800
        • FS2828 Midbus two head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800
        • FS2829 Midbus three head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800


        • FS2827 Flying Lead for use with Keysight scope interposers and FS2800


        • FS2425 DDR3 BGA Cable Adapter and SW upgrade to support Keysight BGA LA Interposer

Probing Options that include U4154A/B and U4164A Logic Analyzer connections

        • FS2436 DDR4 SO-DIMM Interposer A/C/C/DQ FS280x and LA
Request More Information/Quote or Call: (603) 472-5905
Request More Information/Quote or Call: (603) 472-5905