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DDR4 Detective


  • NOW supports 3DS at 3200MT/s!
  • Provides logic analyzer like deep transaction Listing and Waveform capture
  • Continuous Capture for Violations and Performance metrics NOT a fill memory and then post process like other tools.  This is a FuturePlus ONLY feature!
  • Eye Detector guarantees valid data acquisition
  • Extensive Triggering and Storage Qualification allows precise insight
  • Protocol Violation Detector provides hundreds of simultaneous, real time tests to JEDEC specifications
  • Margin analysis shows where command timing fails and where it can be improved
  • Thousands of counters for DDR4 analyze performance metrics real time, all the time, for all commands, total Clocks, by Rank also power management information
  • Interactions among up to 8 ranks, over two slots are analyzed.
  • Mode register and SPD capture are provided
  • Supports Auto-Clock rate detect and clock stoppage
  • Connects to the target under test with DIMM, SO-DIMM, and BGA interposers or a midbus probe
  • Integrated Microsoft Charts gives quick insight into large trace captures
  • Trigger In & Out allows the Detective to integrate with other test tools

DDR4 Detective Set-up

  • Easy Setup Guide steps the user through the process
  • DDR Detective automated setup calibrates to your target and bus speed in 90 seconds. This allows for use in marginal systems
  • Final MRS values are automatically loaded into protocol analysis tools.
  • SPD information from the memory module is provided to the user

DDR4 Detective Triggering and Store Qualification

Triggering Features

  • Full control of Trigger Position from 5% – 95% Post store.
  • Adjustable trace depth from 5K to 512M States (1G option available)
  • 2 level (Or/Then) address/command triggering. External Trigger In.
  • Bit specific trigger set up ability across all A/C/C bus signals and all DDR4 protocol violations
  • 3DS support includes Physical Rank and Logical Rank specific triggering

Store Qualification Benefits

  • Use any transaction with address as a store qualifier
  • Store only certain commands or just violations
  • Store only Accesses to a certain bank group/bank/rank

DDR4 test: Protocol Violations

  • Covers 65+ tests on all banks and ranks running over 1000 checks continuously and simultaneously
  • Automatically calculates protocol parameters based on JEDEC specifications and loads into the protocol checking function
  • Allows user to override and enter other parameter values
  • Scoreboard display gives quick indication of what test is failing and displays running totals
  • Ability to enable and disable each compliance test
  • 3DS Specific Violations cover all Physical and Logical Ranks

DDR4 Detective Margin Analysis

  • Runs automatically until all parameters are completed
  • Measure your memory sub-systems latencies
  • Characterize memory latency performance
  • Learn what how much margin your system is operating at
  • See if ddr4 test coverage is complete

DDR4 Performance Analysis

Real Time, All The Time Continuous Analysis of the DDR4 memory bus.

Competing products capture a miniscule amount of DDR traffic, count the events in the trace and then display. Deadtime between traces and limited trace depths give only a small sampling of actual DDR events. The DDR Detective use new breakthrough architecture to accumulate events on EVERY cycle! Thus no bus events are missed.

This never been done before feature gives unprecedented insight into DDR bus activity for validation, system architects, software engineers and designers.

Bus Command Utilization Analysis – Verify expectations of traffic, show potential hotspots. Choose any DDR4 Command from any bank, bank group or rank.

Page Hit Analysis – Tracks Hits, Misses and Unused for all pages. Viewed by bank, bank groups, or rank.

Bank Group Analysis – Tracks all combinations of Read and Write commands to same and different bank groups.

Power Management Analysis – Follows memory in and out of Power Management states, tracking all related Power Management commands and the total time spent in those states.

Multiple Open Bank Analysis – Reporting open banks allows the user to see how many banks are open simultaneously each second. This isimportant for power consumption as open banks consume power.

Bank Utilization Analysis – Can select by bank or bank groups to show how long an individual bank is open. This is useful in detecting system errors such as excessive activates.

Data bus Utilization Analysis – Bandwidth analysis by bank or rank for all comands affecting the data bus.

Bus Mode Analysis – Useful for tracking system states (Reset, Idle, Active, Precharge PD, Active PD, Max PD, SRX, DLL Dis/Enable, Write Leveling, MPR mode and Vref Training). Can help identify why a system is not booting, or lead to optimization for faster boot times.

Summary/Drill down mode shows hours and even days of results in a single screen

DDR4 Detective Probing

All 4 technologies DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 in one box with interchangeable probing choices!

  • DIMM Interposer – DDR4 and DDR3
  • SODIMM Interposer – DDR4 and DDR3, also LPDDR4 on module
  • BGA Interposer – various package formats for DDR4, DDR3, LPDDR4 and LPDDR3 – Contact us
  • Flying Lead – High speed coax wire solderable to pcb features
  • Mid-bus Connector-less probing – Industry standard “Soft-Touch Pro” compatible

The DDR Detective® gives the phrase ‘cost effective’ new meaning!

DDR4 DIMM Interposer:

  • JEDEC Compliant 288 pin
  • Interposer design saves a slot
  • Operation up to 3200MT/s
  • All signals are probed passively
  • Electrically extends the bus approximately 1.0 inch
  • 72 bit operation supported
  • UDIMM, RDIMM, and LRDIMM supported
  • Simultaneous connection to Keysight Logic Analyzer is available as an option

DDR4 SODIMM Interposer:

  • JEDEC Compliant 260 pin
  • Operation up to 2400MT/s
  • Interposer design saves a slot.
  • Rigid/flex design allows for use in both RVS and STD connectors.
  • All signals are probed passively
  • Electrically extends the bus approximately 2.0 inch
  • 72 bit operation supported
  • UDIMM, RDIMM, and LRDIMM supported
  • Simultaneous connection to Keysight Logic Analyzer is available as an option

BGA Interposer:

  • Quick and easy connection to most Keysight logic analyzer Chip Interposers
  • Scope Interposers can be used with Flying lead cable
  • Contact us on package requirements

Flying Lead cable:

  • Quick and easy connection to Keysight Scope Chip Interposers
  • Can also be soldered to pcb features
  • 38 AWG wire

Mid-Bus Probe:

  • Single, dual and 3-head configuration available
  • Midbus probing is ideal for embedded applications where no DIMM or SODIMM slot is present
  • Connector-less midbus footprint can remain as part of the design throughout product life for service

DDR4 Detective Ordering Information


  • FS2800A DDR3/DDR4 3200MT/s Trace DDR Detective
  • FS2820A Add DDR4 3200MT/s Violation Detection to DDR Detective
  • FS2803 ADD 3DS Support to the FS2800A


  • FS2800 DDR3/DDR4 2666 MT/s Trace DDR Detective
  • FS2820 Add DDR4 2666MT/s Violation Detection to DDR Detective
  • FS2850 Add DDR4 Performance Counters to DDR Detective
  • FS2805 Add LPDDR4 FS2804 functionality to the FS2800A
  • FS2821 Add FS2801 LPDDR3 functionality to the FS2800
  • FS2851 Add FS2800 DDR3/DDR4 Trace to the FS2801

Probing Options

  • FS2823 DDR4 DIMM A/C/C Interposer for DDR Detective
  • FS2824 DDR4 SO-DIMM A/C/C Interposer for DDR Detective (can support LPDDRx on SO-DIMM)
  • FS2853 DDR4 DIMM Satellite* Interposer for DDR Detective FS2800
  • FS2854 DDR4 SO-DIMM Satellite* Interposer for DDR Detective FS2800

* Satellite gives Slot 2 Probing of Clock and Control signals for same channel

  • FS2826 Midbus single head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800
  • FS2828 Midbus two head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800
  • FS2829 Midbus three head Soft Touch Pro adapter for the FS2800
  • FS2827 Flying Lead Set for use with KS BGA Interposers
  • FS2852 DDR4 BGA Cable Adapter and SW upgrade to support Keysight BGA LA Interposer
  • FS2425 DDR3 BGA Cable Adapter and SW upgrade to support Keysight BGA LA Interposer

Probing Options that include U4154A/B and U4164A Logic Analyzer connections

  • FS2835 DDR4 DIMM Interposer A/C/C/DQ FS280x and LA
  • FS2836 DDR4 SO-DIMM Interposer A/C/C/DQ FS280x and LA
FS2800 DDR Detective
Request More Information/Quote or Call: (603) 472-5905
Request More Information/Quote or Call: (603) 472-5905