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FuturePlus SystemsJan 23, 2020 11:19:43 AM< 1 min read

Row Hammer. The problem no DRAM vendor wants to talk about, except for one, Zentel

A3T4GF40BBFHP-validationRH-768x489 Provided Courtesy of Zentel


Zentel's new DDR3 DRAM has published data showing zero Row Hammer failures.  I fondly recall talking to a large vendor’s ‘tiger team’ concerning Row Hammer failures a few years back.  I asked them what should their DDR3 users do if they start to experience Row Hammer failures.  Their response? ‘Upgrade to DDR4!’.  ‘How convenient’ I responded, ‘forcing the industry to throw away all those DDR3 based systems so you can sell more DDR4’.  And come to find out, DDR4 although a bit better, still experienced Row Hammer failures!

We here at FuturePlus Systems are glad to see our colleagues in academia are still hunting down those Row Hammer vulnerabilities (  They can feel good about causing the industry to look for solutions, and it appears that Zentel has answered the call.

To the best of our knowledge Zentel has the ONLY Row Hammer hardened DDR3 memory on the market.  See the Zentel data sheets here.  #rowhammer, #DDR3, #JEDEC, #AP Memory, #RAMBleed