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FuturePlus Introduces NEW DDR4 Interposers Support for Keysight Logic Analyzers

NEWS!   The Fastest DDR4 Capture just got Faster!

FuturePlus Introduces NEW DisplayPort 1.2 Support
Keysight LA Support
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Tektronix LA Support
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NEW Row Hammer Detection feature added to the DDR Detective®

Confused about DDR3 Row Hammer failures?  Watch our video!   Read our White Paper!

Learn more about the  FS2800 DDR Detective for DDR3, DDR4, LPDDR3 and LPDDR4 

Welcome to FuturePlus Systems

FuturePlus® bus analysis probes and preprocessors are powerful, versatile tools that provide a mechanical, electrical, and software interface between the bus and industry standard logic analyzers. These analysis probes enable the engineer to view bus activity - from basic timing waveforms to complete compliance verification. FuturePlus Systems offers measurement solutions for DDR3®, DDR4®,  LPDDR3®, LPDDR4®, DisplayPort®,  and many other buses.

FuturePlus Systems has been shipping analysis probes since 1991. Our products are used worldwide by hundreds of companies using standard industry buses in PCs, workstations and embedded processor systems. A bus analyis soluiton from FuturePlus Systems is clearly the best development tool you can choose.

To learn more about these state-of-the-art analysis tools, click on the Products tab and select the computer bus of interest. Learn more about product features, specifications and ordering information. You will also find mechanical drawings, product photographs, downloadable software and much more  - all designed to help you choose the correct tool for your design.

FuturePlus Systems is a member of the Keysight Technologies Solution Partner Program, the Tektronix Embedded Tools Partner Program, and several industry standards organizations. FuturePlus®  is a registered trademark of FuturePlus Systems Corporation.




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