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FS4400 PCI Express Analysis Probe
For Use With Keysight Logic Analyzers

The FS4400 PCI Express Serial Analysis Probe is a low-cost bus analysis probe capable of non-intrusively probing a PCI-Express bus at a serial data rate of 2.5 Gbps. The FS4400 connects to the system under test with one of several adapter cables. Protocol decode software is included to decode and display incoming data using an Keysight logic analyzer. The probe and decode software are designed to handle a single uni-directional link, a pair of uni-directional links, or a bi-directional link (both links may have a different Reference Clock).

The probe hardware and decode software treat the two links individually. For analysis of interactions between two links, the logic analyzer inter-machine triggering function is used. For comprehensive protocol analysis, decode software merge functionality is available.

The FS4400 can probe x1, x2, x4 and X8 "bidirectional" footprints at all locations. Contact FuturePlus for information on support for unidirectional-shaped midbus probe pinout support.

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FS4400 PCI Express Protocol Analysis Probe