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Hypertransport Analysis Probes
For Use With Keysight Logic Analyzers

The following operating characteristics are not specifications, but are typical operating characteristics for the FS2240-series HyperTransport Analysis Probes.

Analysis Probe Interface Compatibility

  • FS2240 - Robinson Nugent 80 pin connector P08-080SL-A-G.
  • FS2241 - Samtec connector QSH-020-DP
  • FS2243 - Connectorless footprint (Keysight Soft-Touch, no longer available)
  • FS2244 -Connectorless footprint (Keysight Soft-Touch Pro)

Standards Supported

The HyperTransport I/O Link Technical Protocol Specification, and LDT Electrical Specification Revision 0.77. Contact FuturePlus Systems for more detailed information.

Power Requirements

  • Operating range: 100 – 125 VAC and 200 – 240 VAC at 50/60Hz.
  • Power consumption: 160 W maximum.

Logic Analyzer Required

See System Requirements

Termination Adapters Required

See Ordering Information

Minimum Clock Period (State)

The FS224x is designed to run from 0 to 800 MHz with a minimum data valid window of 200 ps. The minimum input voltage required is 400 mv differential.

Signal Loading

When using the FS2240, each target signal is to be isolated from the Robinson Nugent connector by a 266 ohm resistor. The FS2243 and FS2244 include the isolation network in the probing system.

Capture of Transactions

All transactions can be captured except at the time of master clock alignment. During this time 4 bit times worth of data are not acquired in state mode. However, this data can be viewed in Timing Zoom.

Environmental Temperature

  • Operating: +20 ° to +30 ° C (+68 ° to +86 °F)
  • Non-operating: -40 ° to +75 ° C (-40 ° to +167 ° F)


  • Operating: 4,600 m (15,000 ft)
  • Non-operating: 15,300 m (50,000 ft)


Up to 90% non-condensing. Avoid sudden, extreme temperature changes that would cause condensation on the Analysis Probe.

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