DDR4 Keysight LA Support Overview

The products for the DDR4 memory system designer and their features are summarized in the table below. With these versatile products, designers can use their U4154A Keysight Technologies logic analyzer as a DDR4 memory bus analyzer. The FS2510(NEW) and FS2512 (NEW), coupled with the powerful triggering and analysis capabilities of Keysight's logic analyzer modules, provide an extremely effective and efficient tool for debugging, testing and verifying products incorporating DDR4 memory systems.

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General Features

  • Quick and easy connection between the DDR4 bus connector and Keysight logic analyzers
  • Complete and accurate 2500+ MT/s (FS2510) for DIMM's
  • Complete and accurate 1867 MT/s  (FS2512) for SO-DIMM's
  • Burst sizes of 2, 4, or 8 supported.
  • Write only, reads only, or writes and reads simultaneously
  • Both x4 and x8 SDRAMS are supported
  • Includes Clock Qualifier feature to allow accurate testing in 2 rank systems (NEW)

DDR4 Memory Bus Analysis Probes
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Product Number

FS2510 New!

FS2512 New!

Main Application DIMM SO-DIMM
Protocol analysis
Signals Probed Passively
All Bus Signals Probed
Interposer function included
Bus rates supported 2500+ MT/s 1867 MT/s
External power required No No
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  FS2510 DDR4 DIMM Interposer
FS2501 Product Image