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Frequently Asked Questions

DDR3 Detective™
Protocol Compliance and Performance Analyzer
Stand Alone Mode

Q. Is there any power drawn from my system?

A. No. The DDR3 Detective includes an external power supply.

Q. Why do I need the Interposer with the A/C/C signals?

A. The DDR3 Detective uses the A/C/C signals to perform the protocol violation tests.

Q. When would I need the Satellite Interposer?

A. Some of the signals the DDR3 Detective needs to make every possible test are on the second slot. If you are using the second slot and wish to make all the tests, you will need the Satellite Interposer.

Q. Can the DDR3 Detective™ be used with a logic analyzer or oscilloscope?

A. Absolutely!  You connect the Detective Trigger Out to the Trigger In of the logic analyzer or oscilloscope. The logic analyzer or oscilloscope is now triggered at the exact time the Violation occurs.
Q. How can I get the A/C/C/DQ signals to the logic analyzer.

A. You can purchase one of the A/C/C/DQ interposers designed to work with the Keysight or Tektronix logic analyzers.

Q. Can the DDR3 Detective™ GUI run on a logic analyzer or oscilloscope?

A. Yes, though not required. The GUI  does not interact with the logic analyzer or oscilloscope operating software.
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